Athol Idaho May 2017 Market Report for Area Homes

Athol  Market report for May 2017

Total sales is actually down a little for May with 2016 seeing 20 homes close in May to 2017’s 11 homes closing.    This is an inventory issue not a desire issue.

Price for homes is up substantially!  Great time to sell if you are thinking that you might want to in the near future.  We never know what to expect down the road all we have is what we see today.  And today the housing market is looking really good for sellers.

May 2017 totals were:11 property sold
A single property in town selling for $91 per square foot on a third of an acre.
We had seven close to five acre lots with homes sold:  Highest selling one was new construction for $225 per square foot lowest one went for $172 per square foot   with the rest coming in mid $192-$205 range with an average sales price overall of $198 per square foot taking them all into consideration.  Compared to 2016 they are up approximately $45 per square foot.
Over the five acres Mark we had 1- 10 acre lot with an 1885 square foot home on it went for $135 per square foot.
One manufactured home on 19.9 acres for $154 per square foot and one small 1168 square foot home on 75 acres and went for $490,000 or $419 per square foot.

National Association Inventory of Homes Nationally

To Compare:

Athol 2016 sales was 20 properties
Included:   1 home selling on 1.88 acre lot sell it for $177 per square foot.
Seven homes on roughly 5 acre lots averaging $150 per square foot.
And 12 home selling on 10 acre lots averaging  $145 per square foot – there was a couple of higher-end Homes at $216 per square foot and then also a  fixer or two at $70  per sq ft.  Overall I think at  $145 to $150 per square foot you’re on track for an average with condition and location always adjusting value.

Overall Prices up Inventory down!  As usual when you consider these numbers you want to take condition of home into consideration and location.  These numbers are created for you as an average and to give you a basic place to start.  If you would like a more precise number  please contact me for your own personal market analysis or you can request one here also.   My Home value.


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