Athol January 2018 Market Report

Athol January 2018 Market Report

Athol closed 6 homes in January 2018 and 8 properties the previous year. The volume is down by 2 for the start of this year.  Prices are about the same in most categories.  Athol currently has about 2 1/2 months worth of available inventory available.  Read More Here:

Athol Idaho January 2018 Home Sales Report

Home on 1-2 Acre Lots

This is a 1985 manufactured home with 2.5 acres in size. It stayed on the market for only 55 days and sold for $104 per sq ft. In 2017, 2 of these properties that averaged 1.28 acres closed. They stayed on the market for 187 days and sold for $109 per sq ft. The volume is down by 1 but days on market down tremendously. 

 New Construction

2 new Construction homes completed and sold in January 2018.  They averaged 4.75 acres, stayed on the market for 136 days on average and sold for $193 per sq ft. No new construction homes were sold January 2017.

Existing Homes on 5 Acre Lots

One existing home on a 5 acre lots closing this January.  This home was built in 2001 and sold for $400k. It only took 29 days to sell this property for $188 per sq ft. Last year, 2 properties on 5 acre lots were sold for $154 per sq ft. They stayed on the market for 130 days. Volume is down by one price is up by $34 per square foot.

 Existing Home on 10 Acre

This is a 1992 manufactured home located in Timberview Subdivision. It took 176 days to close this at $130 per sq ft. 3 properties on 10 acre lots were closed in January 2017. These homes were on the market for 152 days on average and sold for $170 per square foot.  Prices down tremendously in this category this month.

Existing Home on over 10 Acre Lot

January 2018 had 1 home sell that was on a lot larger than a 10.  It’s 16.98 acres in size and took 229 days to sell on the market. This large property sold for $237 per sq ft.  We don’t see a lot of homes on over 10 acre lots sell.  There is none to compare to for last January.

Currently, Athol has 32 homes on the market. 14 of these properties are pending which leaves about 2 and half months worth of inventory provided 8 homes are sold each month. Which we do know will step up as summer arrives.  So saying we have 2 1/2 months of inventory is being generous its realistically probably less than that.  If you are considering selling  It’s indeed a great time to list your home.

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