Coeur D Alene Idaho 83815 and 83814 Market Update January 2018

Coeur d Alene January 2018 Market Report

Coeur d Alene closed 88 homes in January 2018 compared to  79 homes selling last January 2017. Currently, there are 302 homes actively on the market in Coeur d Alene. 144 of these are pending so that leaves approximately 158 homes for sale. Again, that’s about 2 and half months inventory.  See how that breaks out below!


17 New Homes Sold

These new homes averaged 0.17 acres and were on the market for 162 days. They sold for $161.16 per sq ft. They’re located in The Trails, Circuit at Seltice, Bellerive, Lake Forest West, Nettleton, Cd’A Place and Orchard Lands.In 2017, 14 homes also sold. They averaged 0.2 acres and sold for $172 per sq ft. The new construction homes were on the market for 150 days. The volume had gone up and there is little difference in the average price.  Assuming that is reflective of the location of the homes.  As we all know new construction prices are not going down.  

Results of January 2018 Coeur d Alene Home Sales

Homes Built between 2000-2016

17 Homes sell in January 2018!  Average days on market are  77 days average home price is $152 per sq ft. They averaged 0.23 acres in size and were located in areas such as The Landings at Waterford, The Trails, Sorbonne, Cd’s Place, Hawks nest, Riverstone, Armstrong Park, Ramsey Meadows, Silver Beach Park and Bluegrass Meadows Subdivisions. Last year, the same number of properties were sold. They averaged 0.2 acres and was on the market for 98 days. The homes closed at $123 per sq ft. The volume is the same days on market has shaved about 20 days off the average and price is up almost $30 per square foot.  Can you feel your money working for you? 

Properties Built Between 1980 and 1999

7 Homes built between 1980 and 1999 sold in January 2018!  These homes averaged 0.2 acres and sold for $131 per sq ft. They stayed on the market for 99 days. These homes are located in Cd’A Place, Davis Park, Magellan Ct and Parkwood Est Subdivisions. The previous year, 19 homes that averaged 0.23 acres were sold in 76 days for $122 per sq ft. Volume is down in this category but the prices are up!

 Homes Built Between 1940-1979

18 Homes built between 1940-1979 selling in the month of January!  The properties are in Hayden View, Fairway Forest, Indian Meadows, William’s Park, Tubbs, Best Land Annex, Ponderosa Park, Best Land Annex, O’Brien’s, Whitla, Becks and Kaesmeyer Subdivisions. They averaged 0.3 acres and sold for an average sales price of  $117 per sq ft. The homes were on the market for 117 days on average. In January 2017, 10 homes built between the years of 1940 to 1979 closed.   They averaged 0.27 acres and sold for $105 per sq ft on average with average days on market of 94 days.  Volume is almost double and prices are up about $12 per square foot.  This age of home does not usually appreciate as fast as some of the others.  A lot of these are in need of updating.

7 Homes Built Pre 1939

4 of these properties were on the market for less than 2 months; 2 homes took more than a hundred days and 1 property in 1079 days. On average, it took 221 days to sell them at $155 per sq ft. They averaged 0.2 acres and located in Stetler, East Lacrosse, Kings, East End-Cd’A, North Park and Woodland Park Subdivisions. Last year, 9 properties that were on an average of 0.17 acres sold.   It took 117 days on average to sell them at $131.4 per sq ft. The volume is down but the price is up about $23 per sq. ft.

Coeur d Alene Acreage Sales for January 2018

 Homes on 1-2 Acre Lots

Four Homes on 1-2 Acre lots selling this January 2018.  These properties averaged 1.7 acres, were on the market for 147 days and sold for $148.5 per sq ft. 2 of these homes are in Indian Meadows and Bella Ridge.

2 Properties on 2-4 Acre Lots

These are 2015 and 2013 homes that were on the market for 188 days average. They were sold for an average of  $230.32 per sq ft and were 3.5 acres in size on average.

1 Home on 4-5 Acre Lots

This property was built in 2017 and located in Ridge Line subdivision. It was on the market for 358 days and sold for $501,426 which broke down to $126 per sq ft. 

1 Property over 10 Acres Sold

This is a 1980 home that was on 19.36 acres  It sold for $213.2 per sq ft.

Lake Coeur d Alene Waterfront Properties

2 residential waterfronts sold January 2018.  They were on an average lot size of  0.6 acres and sold for an average price of  $287 per sq ft average days on market were 310 days.

1 Spokane River Waterfront Home

One Spokane River Waterfront Home this month!  This residential waterfront was built in 2005 and sold for $357.22 per sq ft. It was on 0.6 acres.

Manufactured Homes on Leased Lots

Six Manufactured Homes on Leased Lots sold this January 2018 in Coeur d Alene.  These properties are mostly located in Oakcrest; one is in Ram Meadows. They were on the market for an average of 58 days and sold for an average price of  $52 per sq ft. In 2017, 2 manufactured homes sold in January.  Volume is up!


Four condos sold this January 2018.  These condominiums are located in Lofts, RidgePointe and Pheasant Run Subdivisions. They stayed on the market for 138 days and sold for $224.4 per sq ft. 2 condos were sold last year. They’re located in Village II Condos and Village at Riverstone. The properties were on the market for 95 days and sold for $158 per sq ft.


One Townhome this January 2018.  It sold for $205K in only 10 days! It was located in  Princetown. In 2017, 1 townhome built by Active West Builders was sold for $199,900 in 181 days. Another townhome located in Garden Terraces was also closed in 154 days. It sold for $193 per sq ft.

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