Coeur d Alene November 2017 Monthly Market Report

November 2017 Coeur d Alene Idaho Market Report

122 homes closed in November 2017 in  Coeur d Alene Idaho!  Compared to  103 properties selling in 2016.  Learn how it breaks out below.

New Construction Homes

14 New Construction properties on an average lot size of  0.18 acres, sold in 171 days at $148 per sq ft.  The locations are in Lake Forest West, Marcott, Nettleton, Anthem at Lake Forest, Cd’A Place, Orchard Lands and Lake Forest West. In 2016, 16 new homes were closed. They averaged 0.2 acres, sold in 120 days for $146.31 per sq ft.  Volume and prices held somewhat steady this month.

Homes Built Between the year  2000-2016

It only took 67 days on average to sell these 38 homes! Average lot size is 0.22 acres and they sold for an average of  $146.5 per sq ft.  They’re at O’Brien’s, The Trails, The Landings at Waterford, Cd’A Place, Hawks Nest, Copper Ridge, Canfield Corners, Sunshine Meadows, Black Rock, Fernan Hill, Heartland, Prospector Ridge and Armstrong Park subdivisions. Compared to November 2016, 23 homes sold.  The average lot size is 0.2 acres,  price per square foot was $145 with 66 days on market average. Volume up and prices holding steady.

Homes Built Between 1980-1999

12  homes having an average lot size of 0.24 acres, sold in 74 days on average for an average price of $129 per sq ft. The locations are in Cd’A Place, Hoffman, Park Terrace, Northshire, Centennial, Fairway Forest and Pine Hills. In 2016, 17 homes sold, their average lot size was  0.21 acres.  They were on the market for 74 days and sold for $116 per sq ft. Volume is down 5 homes yet prices are up about $13 per square foot.


Homes Built Between the 1920s- 1979

November 2017 had 24 homes selling for an Average price per sqft of $ 107.  These homes were on lots of 0.3 acres and sold in 99 days.  Some of there locations were Pinegrove Park, Pine Hills, Fernan Lake Terrace, Woodland Heights, Gardendale, Cherry Hills, Mount Vista, Davis Park, Thomas Park, Bonanza Ranch, Monte Vista, Forest Glen, Fruitlands, Theis, CdA Golf Club, Eastlawn, Birth Park, Shanrochelle, Spokane Add, CdA City, Sanders Park and O’Briens.  November 2016 saw, 16 properties close on average size lot of  0.22 acres, selling in 95 days on average for $108 per sq ft.


Properties Built Pre 1920s

November 2017 had 8 Pre 1920s homes selling.  The average lot size was 0.22, they sold for $143.5 per sq ft in 73 days on average. The homes were located in the Simms, Hunt’s, Lakeshore, CdA  Kings, North Park and Krotzer’s Add Subdivisions. 8 homes that averaged 0.16 acres were sold in 2016. They were on the market for 114 days and sold for $159 per sq ft.


Homes on 1-2 Acre Lots

2 homes in the 1-2 acre category selling in November 2017. It took 117 days on average to sell these properties for $186.35 per sq ft. Average lot size is 2.25 acres. Both were built in 2012 and 2013.  In 2016, 8 homes that averaged 1.47 acres sold. It took 182 days on average to sell them at $150 per sq ft. Volume is down but the prices are up $36 per square foot.

Homes on 4 to 5 Acre Lots

3 Homes on 4-5 acre lots selling in November 2017.  2 of these properties are located in Cedar Ridge and the other in Lucas Meadowbrook. The average size is 4.9 acres, sold in 78 days for $134.24 per sq ft. In 2016, only one of this property of this size sold. It was a 2016 home that was closed in 124 days for $193 per sq ft.

Homes on 6-10 Acre Lots

3 Homes on 6-10 Acre lots sold in November 2017.  These properties averaged 9.73 acres, sold in 121 days at $144 per sq ft.

Home on 12 Acre Lot

1 home on a 12-acre lot selling for $875K in 63 days. This was a beautiful 2013 home.

Waterfront Spokane River Property

WAterfront on the Spokane River volume stayed the same price is up tremendously this month.  The home selling this month was on a 0.16-acre lot, sold in 16 days at $407.11 per sq ft. In 2016, one riverfront home also sold it went for $153 per sq ft. It was closed in 69 days.

Waterfront Lake Coeur d Alene

One Waterfront Lake Coeur d Alene property sold November 2017.  It was on  14.2 acres, sold for $435.23 per sq ft in 258 days. Only 1 waterfront property was sold in 2016. It closed in 151 days and sold for $221.5 per sq ft.

7 Manufactured Homes on Rented Lots Sold

These homes closed in a little over 3 months – about 73 days on average. They were sold for $53 per sq ft. In 2016, 4 manufactured homes on rented lots sold. They were on the market for 57 days and sold for $39 per sq ft. The prices and volume up!


November 2017 had 6 condos sell they were located in Riverstone, Village at Riverstone, Townhome Condos, Pheasant Run, Cda & Kings and Village Condos. They were on the market for 74 days on average and sold for $176 per sq ft. 8 condos were closed in 2016. They took 117 days to sell them on average at $148 per sq ft. Volume down slightly prices up!



2 Townhomes selling in November 2017, they were in Meadow Ranch and Lake Forest Townhouse. They took  154 days on average to sell and sold for an average price of $172 per sq ft.

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