Coeur d Alene October 2017 Market Report

Coeur d Alene Idaho October 2017 Market Report
161 properties closed in October 2017 compared with only 140 homes sold in 2016!  Volume Up and Most Prices are Up!  Read more about the specific Home Sales Here:

New Construction Homes

19 New Construction Homes sold in October 2017  These properties averaged 0.2 acres, sold for $220.22 per sq ft, and was on the market for 133 days on average. The locations are in Meadow Ranch, Riviera Court, Bellerive, Garden Grove, Anthem at Lake Forest, Lake Forest West, Cd’A Place, Craik Park, The Trails, Black Rock Golf Cottage, Woodland Heights and The Club at Rock Creek. In 2016, 14 properties that averaged 0.2 acres were sold in 131 days at $137 per sq ft. Volume and prices are up tremendously.


Homes Built Between the years 2000 and 2016

44 homes sold this month for an average of  $154 per square foot average days on market were 58 days. The average lot size is 0.2 acres. They’re at Garden Terraces, Millers Corner, The Landings at Wate, Lake Forest West, Cd’A Place, Hawks Nest Copper Ridge, Condos at Mill River, Sunshine Meadows, Ramsey Meadows, Palisades, Heartland, Best Hills Ranch, Davis Park, and Bentwood Park.  October 2016, 36 homes sold They stayed on the market for 91 days, had .24 acre size and sold for $146 per sq ft. Volume is up in 2017! Prices are up approximately $8 per square foot.

Homes Built between the years of 1980 and 1999

42 homes selling this month The average lot size was  0.3 acres, averaging $136 per sq ft and average days on market were 82 days.The subdivisions are at North Pines, Cd’A Place, Heartland, Foothills, Davis Park, Fairway Meadows, North Cape, Silver Pines, Park Terrace, Northshire, Jarvis Tr, Spring Add’n Queen Anne, Locust West, Harbor Island, Pine Hills, Pinegrove Park, Woodland Heights, Katherine Est and Carriage Court. 30 homes in this category closed in 2016. They averaged .3 acres, was on the market for 90 days and sold for $126.2 per sq ft. Volume and the prices up about $10 per square foot.


Homes built between the years of 1920 to 1979

29 homes sold in October 2017  for an average price per sqft of $125.41, the average lot size of 0.3 acres and days on market were 69 days. The locations are in Baker and Lovlyn, Fairway Forest, Pine Hills, Fairway Hills, Northwest Townsite, Fruitlands, Sunrise, Howard, O’Brien’s, Larsen, Monte Vista, Sanders Park, Mauser, Silver Beach Park, Parsons, Best Land Annex, Nevin’s, Columbus Park, Kaesmeyer, Simms, Russell and Taylor’s Add’n to Cd. In 2016, 27 homes that averaged 0.22 acres, sold in 78 days at $106.2 per sq ft. Volume and prices up almost $20 per square foot.


Properties Built Pre 1920s

8 properties built before 1920 sold this October.  Most are located in O’Brien’s (4 homes), Glenmore Add, North Park, Secaur’s Sub-Div and Simms. Average size is 0.18 acres, was on the market for 56 days and sold for $137 per sq ft. 7 were closed in 2016, had an average of 0.17 acres, sold in 146 days at $151 per sq ft.  Prices down a little for this month compared to last year.


Homes on 1-2 Acre Lots

7  homes were sold this month on 1-2 Acre lots.  They averaged  $186 per sq ft and had an average lot size of 1.7 acres. They were on the market for 154 days.  Compared to last year of only  1 home closing in 2016. It was a 1967 home, had a 1.2-acre size lot, sold in 186 days for $146 per sq ft. Volume and price are up $40 per square foot.

1 Home on 4-5 Acre Lots Closed

It took 23 days to sell this at $160 per sq ft. 1 property of this type was also sold in 2016. It’s a 5-acre 2003 home that was sold in 141 days for $109 per sq ft. Volume is the same but price is definitely up!

1 Home on 35 Acres Sold

This is a 1977 home Bellgrove Bay area sold for $810K, and closed in 283 days.

1 Home on 120 Acre Closed

Located in Loff’s Bay, this 2000 home was sold for $1,050,000 in 266 days.  We don’t sell very many of these.

3 Luxury Condos Sold

They averaged 371 days to sell for $467 per sq ft. Only 1 luxury condo was closed in 2016. It was for $1,010,000 and sold in 55 days. Still looking good for the year 2017!

3 Waterfront Spokane Riverfront Properties Closed

3 Spokane Riverfront properties sold this October 2017, the Average size lot was 0.6 acres and they sold for an average price of  $352 per sq ft. The homes were on the market for 189 days. In 2016, 2 River View homes sold They averaged 0.82 acres, sold in 153 days for $291 per sq ft.

5 Manufactured Homes on Leased Lot Sold

They stayed on the market for 76 days and sold for $51.26 per sq ft. 5 also sold in 2016. They closed in 77 days on average at $39 per sq ft. Prices up $12 per square foot.  That’s an extra dollar a month in equity per square foot.  You can’t make money like that in the bank!

6 Condos Closed

These averaged 81 days on the market and sold for $181 per sq ft. 9 condos were closed in 92 days for October 2016. They sold for $138 per sq ft. Volume is down but prices are up $43 per square foot.

4 Townhomes Sold

They were on the market for 45 days and sold for $123 per sq ft. None was closed in 2016.

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