December 2017 Post Falls Idaho Market Update

December 2017 Post Falls Idaho Market Report

Post Falls ended with 86 properties sold and recorded in December 2017!  Compared to  109 homes in December 2016. Volume down by 23 homes, prices still up.  See how that breaks down below. 


New Construction Homes

Twenty -Seven New Construction homes sold this December 2017.  These properties averaged 0.2 acres and sold in 206 days on average. Homes were sold for an average price of  $136.2 per sq ft.   They’re located in Starweather Estates, North Place, Crown Pointe, Jamison Place, Kimberly Fields, Foxtail, Whiskey Flats, Remington Ranch, Tullamore, Blue Grass Corner, Viking Estates and Millers Landing. In 2016, 33 new construction homes were sold. These homes averaged 0.19 acres and were on the market for 152 days. On average,  they sold for  $122.26 per sq ft.  Prices going up over a Dollar a month per square foot.  Get your new home under contract sooner than later.

 Existing Homes on City Lots

Existing homes on city lots had 47 homes selling this December 2017.  These homes were on the market for 74 days and averaged 0.2 acres and sold for an average price of  $133 per sq ft. The properties are located in Hart Place, Crossings, Crown Pointe, Tullamore, Regal Crest, Camden Place, Tuscany Place, Greenside Vista, Fieldstone, Camden Place, Horse Haven, Riverside Harbor, Jasper Meadows, Woodbridge, Montrose, Alderwood Gardens, Treaty Rock, Dawns Place, Stetson Place, River Run, Harmony Place, Windsong, Singing Hills, Quail Run, Majestic View, Riverside Harbor, Pioneer Ridge, River park, Riverview Park, Mtn View Terrace, Prairie Acres, Mullan Trail Add, Pinevilla, Kellogg and Drumhellers. December 2016, 59 existing homes on city lots were closed. The homes averaged 0.22 acres and sold for $117 per sq ft. They were on the market for 94 days. The volume is down by 12 homes but the prices are up quite nicely by an extra $16 per square foot.  

 Existing Homes on 1/2 to 3/4 Acres 

3 Properties sold that are on at least 1/2 acre.  The properties averaged  .62 acres and were on the market for 85 days. They sold for $164.41 per sq ft.  In 2016, 4 homes on this size of acreage sold. On average, they took  189 days to sell, and average selling price was $138 per sq ft.  Prices are up $26 per sq ft.  

3 Existing Homes on 5 Acre Lots Sold

These properties are in Meadowland, Post Falls Irrig, and Big Sky Estates. They averaged 4.62 acres and was on the market for 85 days on average. It was sold for $164.41 per sq ft.None of this type was sold last year.


2 Existing Homes on 6-10 Acre Lots

The 1992 property sold for $675K and closed in 100 days. The other manufactured existing home was sold for $190K and closed in 265 days. On average, they sold for $174.7 per sq ft. In 2016, one property of this type was sold for $575K. It was a beautiful 2015 home in Trails End Estates. It took only 40 days to sell this home. The property was sold for $193 per sq ft.  The condition of home and upgrades play a big part in price.

2 Existing Homes on 10+ Acre Lots Sold

2 Homes on lots over 10 acres selling this December 2017.   These two properties were on the market for an average of 400 days. They sold for an average price of  $149.18 per sq ft.  December 2016 we had one property on more than a 10-acre lot sell. It was a 1970 home on 49.45 acres.  It took 122 days to sell this home and was sold for an average price of  $135 per sq ft.


December 2017 had 2 condos close this month.  They closed on an average of  35 days and sold for $128.34 per sq ft. Compared to December 2016  3 condos sold in 149 days on average. They sold for an average sales price of  $110 per sq ft.   Prices are up $18 per square foot compared to last December.   

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