Farm Life! Baby Lambs are Here!

Farm Life!  Life on the farm can be super fun some-days and a lot of work others.

So its January, February time and the weather is horrible.  Snowing right now as I type.  But it always makes me think of Spring when the lambs start coming.  I am a small farm/ranch.  We raise a handful of sheep, a few Tennessee Walking Horses, some chickens and a few dairy goats.  So critters abound.

Farm Life

Lambing season is upon us. A cold day on the farm.

These little boys I am going to share with you are “bummers” (they lost their mom ma) so they are now bottle children.  The chicks that are also on this video we incubated and hatched so they are our children also.

As of today we have 13 lambs on the ground I am expecting another 4+ here soon.

One more ewe out there grunting and groaning right now.  She hates to get caught having her lambs so she is doing her best to outsmart us and sneakily have them.  Between my daughter and I though that won’t be happening:).   She gets a check up every 2 hours whether she wants it or not.  Its cold out and we try to make sure we are there for all births as those babies need dried and a heat lamp soon or they will freeze literally.


Baby Lamb Hugs are the Best! Glenda Coe Getting the honors.

I’m just going to clarify on this video I am no video expert.

My phone and google+ created this video and I am still trying to learn how it did it.  Farm girl /Techy girl don’t really go in the same sentence.  This has been huge work in progress for me.  But I am learning.  You really can teach old dogs new tricks.  It just takes a little longer:).

Click the link to be taken to the video.  It is cute!  John Hoffmann doing the honors.

A Day on the Farm

A Day on the Farm bottle feeding the bummers

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