Hayden December 2017 Market Update

Hayden December 2017 Market Report

Hayden in December 2017 ended up with 39 total properties closed! In December 2016, 46 homes closed. The volume is down by 13 homes but the prices are up!

Currently, there are 130 homes listed on this market. 25 of these are pending so that leaves 105 homes. That would amount to roughly 2 and half months of inventory. Some of these are new construction. The actually available homes only amount to 80 homes or 2 months worth of inventory.  Still a great time to list your home!

Hayden Idaho  New Construction Homes Sold December 2017

Hayden Idaho New Construction Homes sold for December 2017 amounts to 7 Homes.  These properties are located in Hayden Grove, Rosenberger, Clark Heights and Williams Grove Subdivision. They averaged 0.31 acres and sold for an average price of $185 per sq ft. For December 2016, 8 new construction homes were sold. These averaged 0.22 acres and sold for $150.25 per sq ft. The volume is down by one but the prices are up!

Hayden Homes on  Existing  Lots 

Hayden Homes on city lots.  It took less than 3 months on average to sell these properties. They sold for an average price of  $124 per sq ft and the average lot size of  0.28 acres. For December 2016, 29 existing homes sold that average lot size of  0.29 acres. They sold for an average price of  $123.74 per sq ft. The volume is down by 9  average prices per square foot held pretty steady from last year.

Hayden Idaho Homes selling on  1 Acre Lots 

Four Homes on 1-2 Acre lots selling December 2017.  These properties are all located in Avondale Subdivision. They averaged being on  1.3 acres and sold for an average price of  $155.28 per sq ft. None to compare to in 2016 December.


Hayden Homes on 5 Acre Lots 

Two properties on 5 acre lots sold this December 2017.  They were built in 2013 and 1981. They sold for an average price of  $125.15 per sq ft. For December 2016, no homes on 5 acre lots were closed.

Hayden home on  a 20 Acre Lot

This is a 1981 property that was closed in 322 days. It sold for $204.69 per sq ft. 1 property of this type was also closed in December 2016 and was sold in only 46 days. It sold for $168.17 per sq ft. 

Hayden Lake  Waterfront Properties 

Three Hayden Lake Waterfront Homes selling this December 2017.  These homes averaged 0.41 acres and sold at a range of $198-288 per sq ft. You had the bottom one selling for $198 per square foot the other 2 went for $262 and $288 per square ft respectively.  Condition and amenities have a big say in the price of these homes.  It took 202 days on average to sell these waterfront properties.  


Hayden Idaho Condos

2 Condos in Hayden selling this December 2017.  One in Ridgewood and one in Loch Haven Hills.  These properties took 68 days average to sell and sold for an average price of $109.23 per sq ft. 1 condo and 1 townhome was also sold in December 2016. The condo took only 15 days to sell while it took 186 days for the townhome. They averaged $128.56 per sq ft.

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