Hayden Idaho July 2017 Market Update

66 Homes sold in the month of July in Hayden Idaho.   There are currently 236 homes on market in Hayden /Hayden Lake Idaho.  Of those 236 Homes there are 35 pending.  So we are still sitting with less than 4 months of inventory on the market.   Prices are up in some categories and actually down or holding steady in a few other categories.  So still a great time to sell your home.  They say 6 months worth of inventory is a balanced market.

Of those homes this is how it breaks down!

Hayden sales for July 2017

New Construction sales prices are about the same to down slightly.

2017 we closed  10 Homes total in July.  7 residential homes averaging $164.99 per square foot.  most of those homes were in Country Hollow with a couple in Gianna Estates and one in Williams Grove.  Builders were Thompson Construction, and Viking predominantly.  Those build times average 178 days on market.

Comparatively 2016 had 3 new construction homes with an average sales price of $167 per square foot all built-in Hayden Grove and all built by Eagle Ridge construction.

Luxury Home Sales New Construction Prices are up and Volume is up Slightly!

2017-  3 Luxury Homes averaging $235 per square foot.  2 being built-in Forest Ridge and one in Stone Creek.  Rosenberger being the builder on the Stonecreek property and Selkirk construction in Forest Ridge.

2016 also had 3 homes  averaging $184 per square foot.  2 built-in Forest Ridge and 1 built-in Stonecreek.

Hayden Idaho sales of July 2017

Existing Homes Sales for 2017:  Down in price a few dollars per square foot and volume is up!
31 residential homes selling for an average price of $126 per square foot.  Averaging 49 days on market and the average lot size was .26 acres.

 28 Homes in 2016 selling with an average sales price of $130 per square foot and an average days on market of 72.  Average lot size is .26 for 2016.


Existing Luxury Homes selling for 2017:  Sales price is up a little per square foot volume down slightly!

4 Homes selling in 2017 for an average sales price of $201 per square foot.  Average lot size was .51 acres and average days on market was 80.

7 Luxury homes selling in July 2016 average sales price is $200.88  per square foot.

Hayden 2016 July sales

Homes on Acreage:  Some Categories up a little and some down a little.

2017 Homes on 1 acre lots we had 2 homes selling this month of July averaging $173 per square foot.  Average days on market was 64 (they went fast) and average lot size was 1.02 acres.   Only one last year this size it went for $201 per square foot.

2017 Homes on 2 acre lots we had 2 homes selling averaging $184 per square foot.  Average lot size was 2.3 acres and they averaged 76 days on market.  2016 Homes on 2 acre lots went for $122 per square foot.  Prices up substantially in this section this month.

Homes on 5 acre lots we had 2 for 2017  One was a stick built and the other was a manufactured they each averaged in at $126 per square foot.

2 Homes for 2016 on 5 acre lots both stick built and they went for $138 per square foot.

Homes on 10 acre lots 2017 average $263 per square foot.  There was 2 of them and they averaged 61 days on market.

2016 had only 1 home sell and it was a manufactured home for $171 per square foot.

Waterfront Lots prices are subjective to condition and location!

2017 We had 3 homes selling on Avondale they went from a range of $134 per square foot up to $171 per square foot.  Lots of condition differences here.  Compared to last year we only had 2 and they averaged 131 per square foot.

5 Homes selling on Hayden Lake Ranging from $162 per square foot up to $322 per square foot.  Condition and amenities are huge on the lake front homes.

Over all the 2017 average price for the lake front homes was $190 per square foot with an average of 84 days on market.  2016 saw a couple of Hayden Lake sales also and they also averaged $190 per square foot.


Manufactured Homes Prices are up!

Manufactured homes on leased lots July 2017.  Condition this month was the deal breaker we have a good condition one selling for $89 per square foot and a very rough one selling for $9.57 per square foot.

Compared to 2016 a really nice one selling for $64 per square foot and a couple of average ones going for $35 per square foot.

Condos:  Prices are up almost $15 per square ft. and volume or availability is down!

Condos for 2017.  2 condos selling this month averaging $131.39 per square foot.  Very similar sized and very similar priced.   They averaged 44 days on market.

4 Condos for 2016 averaging $117 per square foot with an average days on market of 59 days.


Overall Prices up Inventory down!  As usual when you consider these numbers you want to take condition of home into consideration and location.  These numbers are created for you as an average and to give you a basic place to start.  If you would like a more precise number  please contact me for your own personal market analysis or you can request one here also.   My Home value.

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