Hayden Idaho June 2017 Market Report

Hayden- Hayden Lake Home sales for the Month of June.  67 Single family homes sold in June of 2017.

How that breaks down for you this month is:

New Home Sales are about a wash price wise due to a change in builders.  Units sold is down a few homes also.

2017 had 6 New homes –   3 in Gianna Estates a couple in Hayden Grove and 1 in Lauren.  Those homes sold for an average of $150.85 per square foot they averaged out being on a .20 size lot. and spent an average of 169 days on market.    Looks like there was a couple that were put on late so it looked like they sold faster than they were built.  I am going to guess your build days are going to run in the 200-250 days mark just fyi.

2016 had 8 new homes constructed and they averaged $154 per square foot.  Different builders between these 2  years so I am not going to tell you prices are up or down in this area as we had Aspen homes and a few others building in 2016 that did not close in these same subdivisions for 2017.

Existing home sales prices are up!  $14.13 per square foot for the average from 2016.   Units sold  is down.

2017 Existing home sales.  32 Homes sold in the month of June in the Hayden market.  They averaged selling for $137.69 per square foot.  Average size lot was .24 of an acre and these homes averaged 47 days on market.  Thats moving pretty fast as you figure it is taking on the average 45 days for someone to get there loan done.

I do get people looking at homes asking all the time how low do you think we can make them go.  Just to give you an idea of what the difference is between asking price and sales price.  These 32 homes averaged coming down off there list price $2,165 each.  Not much wiggle room.  And frankly as you look at the numbers of the sales there is a batch that actually sold for more than asking.  So take this number with a little grain of salt.  You might be able to move something that is not super desirable or someone who is quite motivated otherwise you probably better be considering full price or a little more.

2016 had  45 existing homes sell for an average of $123 per square foot. With an average days  on market of 71 days , average lot size was .27 of an acre.

Luxury Homes on 1/2 acre or more prices up and volume is up!

2017 We had quite the range on the homes on 1/2 acre or more.  They averaged $176 per square foot but we saw quite the range from $149 per square foot up to $221 per square foot.  This market is very subjective to amenities and condition.   An example of that being Forest Hills saw the most expensive home sell in this category this month and also the least expensive.  Condition!  Location!  Very important.

Compared to 2016 3 homes selling with an average sales price of $168 per square foot.  An average days on market of 76 days.

How inventory effects prices

Homes  on land volume is up!

2017  1 acre lots  We had 2 of them selling this June   They averaged $140 per square foot and were on the market an average of 76 days. Those homes averaged 1.6 acres in size.  1-  5 acre lot it went for $150.per square foot and 1-  40 acre lot and that home sold for $167 per square foot.  Those also had short time on market 79 and 42 days respectively.

2016 had 2 homes on acreage selling.  Both 10 acre lots selling for an average price of $136 per squre foot.

Lake Front Homes volume is way up!

2017 saw 7 of those homes close in the month of June.  They sold for an average of $276 per square foot.  Average days on market was 142 days.  That number is slightly skewed as we had one on Honeysuckle that was on for 448 days.  The rest are going to balance out around the 65-75 day range.

2016 Only had 1 lake front home selling in June and that home went for $305 per square foot.  Not enough data here this month to tell you any direction on prices.

Manufactured homes on leased land  not much change from last year.

2017 June had 3 of those close for an average sales price of $64 per square foot with an average days on market of 55 days.

2016 June had 2 homes selling for an average days on market of 58 days and an average sales price of $63.26 per square foot.


Leisure Park 55+ community  No major update for you here.  No closed homes in June of 2016.

2017 June we had 3 of those homes close with an average sales price of $158 per square foot.  They averaged a lot size of .18 and were on the market an average of 49 days.


Condos are holding pretty steady right now compared to 2016.

June 2017 – 3 condos selling.  They averaged 112 days on market selling for an average price of $128 per square foot.

June 2016 4 condos selling for an average sales price of $126 per square foot.  Average days on market was 59 days.

 As usual when you consider these numbers you want to take condition of home into consideration and location.  These numbers are created for you as an average and to give you a basic place to start.  If you would like a more precise number  please contact me for your own personal market analysis or you can request one here also.   My Home value.

Any neighborhoods you want specific sales info on please do not hesitate to Contact me and request it.

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