Hayden Lake Idaho January 2018 Market Update

Hayden/ Hayden Lake Idaho January 2018 Market Report

Hayden closed 35 homes in January 2018!  Volume basically holding steady;  34 properties for January 2017.  Volume is up by one.

Currently, Hayden has about 134 listings; 24 are pending and 110 are active. This is approximately 3 months inventory which means in all of the communities that I track Hayden actually has the most inventory right now.  Don’t get too excited – until we have 6 months worth of inventory, it’s not a balanced market as we are still sitting on a seller’s market.


Hayden Idaho  New Construction Homes

Four New Construction Homes sold this January 2018.  These properties separately built by NWBC, Blackwolf, Eagle Ridge and Rosenberger averaged 0.25 acres and sold for $184 per sq ft. They’re located in Williams Grove, Hayden Grove, and Stonecreek.   The previous year, 7 new construction properties were sold. They averaged 0.27 acres, sold for $160.17 per sqft.

Hayden homes on City Lots

Seventeen Homes sold in Hayden Lake this December 2018.  They were on an average 0.25 acres in size and they sold for an average price of $136 per sq ft. They were on the market for 111 days.  We had a few that had been on for close to 200 days that skewed that number a little.  Looks like your either running about 75 or 200 days on market.  Not a lot in between.   The homes are located in Gabriella Glen, Strawberry Fields, Summerglen, Deer Run, Stinson, Woodland Meadows, Point Hayden, Davis Center, Grouse Meadows, Emerald Est, Avondale, Coeur d’Alene Country Club Homes and Caravelle 1st Addn.  In 2017, 20 homes on city lots that averaged 0.26 acres were closed. They were on the market for 86 days and sold for $125.16 per sq ft.

Hayden Lake Idaho

Hayden Idaho January 2018 Home Sales

Hayden Idaho homes  on 1/2 Acre to 1 Acre Lots

Three Properties on 1/2 acres to 1 Acre lots sold this January 2018.  These are located in Avondale and Forest Ridge. The homes were on the market for 169 days on average and sold for an average price of  $137.2 per sq ft. They average 0.7 acres in size. The previous year, 5 homes on lots this size sold.   They averaged 0.9 acres, were on the market for 128 days on average and sold for an average price of $156.74 per sq ft.

Hayden  Homes on 2-4 Acre Lots

hayden Homes on 2-4 Acre lots.  We had 2 homes selling this January 2018  These homes were built in 1979 and 1961 and sold for an average price of $185.34 per sq ft.  Average days on market were 364 days.  Average lot size was 3.35 acres.

Hayden Home on 5 Acre Lots

One home on a lot this size January 2018.  It was a  1978 home in Alpine Meadows that closed in 91 days for $102 per sq ft.None to compare to for January 2017.

1 Hayden Home on a 10 Acre Lot

This home Sold for $430K,  which broke down to $140 per square foot.  This 1972 home was on the market for 82 days. 1 property on 10-acre lot sold January 2017 also.

Hayden Lake Waterfront Lots

Hayden Lake Waterfront homes we had 3 Hayden Homes selling for January 2018.  These residential waterfront properties averaged .6 acres, sold for an average price of $204.03 per sq ft in 180 days on average. They’re located in McCauley, Beverly Park, and Berven Bay. In 2017, one Hayden Lake Waterfront home sold in January 2017 it was on the market for  116 days. It sold for $246.7 per sq ft.

Hayden Manufactured Homes on Leased Lots

2 manufactured Homes on leased lots selling this January 2018.  Both located in Sun Air Estates, these 2 properties took 74 days to sell for $47 per sq ft.

2 Condos Closed

Hayden Condos, we had 2 properties sell this January 2018.  The properties are located in Lock Haven Village and Coopers Bay. They were on the market for 88 days on average and sold for an average price of $128.1 per sq ft.


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