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Boekel Ranch Rathdrum Idaho

The extent of Boekel Ranch communityBoekel Ranch is a very centrally located neighborhood on the South West to the central side of Rathdrum.  This subdivision developed in 2006 -Current.  Close access to Hwy 41 and about 10 minutes to I-90.

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Boekel Ranch rathdrum Idaho

Map of Boekel Ranch

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1st Quarter 2019

No Sales this quarter for Boekel Ranch

2018 4th Quarter Results

1 Rancher with a bonus room selling this 4th quarter.

It sold for $148 per sqft and was on the market for 80 days.  It was a 3/2/2  on .21 of an acre.  2006 build.

2 existing ranchers sold during the 4th quarter in boekel.

One was a 2013 build that was a 3/2/3 selling for an average price per sqft of $185 with 43 days on market.  The seller did pay $3000 of buyers closing costs on this sale.

The other home was a 2006 build selling for $149 per sqft it was a 3/2,3 on .19 of an acre.  59 days on market for this one and the seller paid $4900 of buyers closing costs.

New Construction

One new construction rancher in Boekel this quarter selling for $167 per sqft.  the home was a 4/2/3 on .19 of an acre.

2018 3rd Quarter Results

3 Homes sold in Boekel Ranch during the 3rd Quarter of 2018

One Multi-level home with a basement selling for an average price per sqft of $86.  It was a 5/3 with a 3 car garage.  70 Days on market.

One Rancher that was a 3/2 with a 2 car garage selling for an average price per sqft of $157.  41 Days on market.

And a MultStory home that was a 3/2.5 with a 3 car garage selling for an average price per sqft of $129.  56 days on the market.

2018 2nd Quarter Results

2 Homes sold in Boekel Ranch during the 2nd Quarter of 2018

One Rancher on a basement that sold for an average price per sqft of $94.  It was a 5/3 with a 2 car garage.  41 Days on the market!

The other was a Multi-Level home selling for an average price per sqft of $131.  It was a 3/2.5 with a 3 car garage 60 days on market.

2018 1st Quarter Market Results

 One Single level new construction home selling in the first quarter of 2018.  The home was a 3/2 with a 2 car garage selling for $158 per square foot.  The home was a new construction built by Ela Construction sold on a conventional loan.  The house was 1630 sq ft in size.


4th Quarter Boekel Ranch Results

2 homes sold the last quarter of 2017.  1 Rancher and 1 Mult Level.

The Rancher sold on a conventional home loan and sold for $146 per sq ft.

The Multi-Level home sold on an FHA Loan and also sold for $146 per square foot.  Both Homes were built in 2006

3rd Quarter Boekel Ranch Results

3 Homes total Sold this quarter

2 Ranchers sold this month.

One was a new construction that sold for $153 per square foot 

The other one was built in 2007 and sold for $142 per square foot,  before buyers concession and a net sales price of $140 per square foot after paying concessions.

1 Multi-Story home selling for an average price of $109 per square foot.  It sold for Cash no buyers concessions.

2nd Qtr Results 2017

3 Homes sold in the 2nd qtr of 2017

2 Multilevel homes and one Rancher.

The rancher had $4000 of buyers incentives that it paid so it’s before incentives price was $137 per sq ft and its net price was $135 per square foot.  It sold on an FHA loan.

The 2 multi-story homes sold for an Average price of $113 per sq ft.  No buyer incentives. One sold for cash and the other was on an Idaho Housing Loan.

1st Qtr Results 2017

4 Homes sold in 2017 in the first quarter in Boekel Ranch

All 4 of those were Single level Ranchers.

2 of them sold on FHA Loans.

one which was new construction sold for Cash and the other one sold on an Idaho Housing Loan.

To see how that affects you keep track of HUD appraisal guidelines for the conditions of homes.

The homes sold for a gross price per square foot of $140 per sq ft.  All of the financed ones did have some buyer concessions they paid for so when that was done the net sales price was $138 per square foot.  

There is also a small batch of condos in Boekel Ranch

PDF Map of the Condos

Town House Condos PDF

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