October 2017 Athol Idaho Market Reports

Athol Idaho October 2017 Market Report

15 homes were closed in October 2017 for Athol Idaho Compared to  23 homes selling for October 2016,  Volume down little, days on market down a lot and prices are up!  See Below how that breaks down.


2017 Athol New Construction

3 new homes were closed in Athol for October 2017! They averaged 7.52 acres selling for $156.95 per square ft! None were sold in October 2016.

Existing Homes on City Lot

1 home on Northern subdivision on .47 acre lot sold for $175k and was on the market for only 56 days. It sold for $144.07 per sqft.

Existing Homes on 1-2 Acre Lots

2 homes on 1.68 acre lots were also sold for $161.74 per sqft. and were on the market for 108 days! For October 2016, only 1 existing home on a 1-acre lot was sold for only $102.80 per sqft. It was on the market for 102 days.

Existing Homes on 5 Acre Lots

4 homes located at Lodge Haven Subdivision and Silver Meadows Subdivision sold for $165.86 per sq ft average days on market were 78 days.  10 existing homes on 5 acre lots were closed in October 2016, they averaged 113 days on market and sold for $153.2 per sq ft. Prices are still up for October 2017 but volume is down!

Existing Homes on 10 Acre Lots

4 existing homes on 10 acres sold for $160.34 per sq ft.  They were on the market for 68 days. Comparing it with October 2016, 6 homes on 10 acre lots sold for $140.99 per sq ft. Properties on 10 acre lots took about 139 days to sell.  As you can see prices are up about $20 per square foot.  And days on market?  I hope you can pack fast!

Existing Homes on 20 Acre lots

One home on a 20-acre lot selling for $204 per sq ft.  71 Days on market.  October  2016 also had 1 home on a 20-acre lot it sold for $176 per sqft and was on the market for 70 days.  Prices up over $25 per square foot with days on market about the same.

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