Post Falls Idaho March 2018 Monthly Market Update

Post Falls Home sales for the Month of March 2018 are up!  104 homes sold this month compared to 89 homes selling in March 2017. Post Falls is still running with less than 3 months worth of inventory.  Still a great time to be a seller and not much relief for the buyers.

New Construction

2018 March sold 31 New Construction homes close this month.  Up 8 homes from last March.  These homes sold for an average price of $135 per square foot. The average lot size was .17 acres.   Homes sold this month were built by Viking, Hayden Homes and Hallmark predominantly.  Subdivisions included Millers Landings, Whiskey Flats, Tullamore, North Place and Starweather Estates.

2017 March had 23 New Homes sell.  The average price per square foot was $143 per square foot

I do not think New Construction prices are down.  I think we had quite a few homes this month with unfinished basements that dropped the values a little.   As of course unfinished space is not worth the same price as finished. 

New Construction Homes for Sale

Existing Homes on City Lots in Post Falls built from 2000 to 2016 sold in March 2018

2018 March saw 30 existing Homes selling that were built between the years of 2000 to 2017.  These homes sold for an average price of $149 per square foot.  They were on a lot size of .20 and were on the market for an average of 75 days.  These homes were located in areas including Woodbridge, Montrose, Riverside Harbor, Fieldstone, Crown Pointe and More.

2017 had 25 homes selling this month Average price per square foot was $ 125.  These homes averaged 75 days on market and were on an average lot size of .18

Prices are definitely up in this category

Homes for Sale that were built from 2000 to Current

March Housing Report for 83854

Post Falls Idaho 83854 March Housing Report

Existing homes on Post Falls City Lots selling in March 2018 built Pre 2000

2018 March saw 33 Homes sell this month!  Also up from last year!  These homes sold for an average price of  $144 per square foot.  They averaged 54 days on market.  That reflects the majority of them having accepted offers in probably a week or less.  These homes were on .22 acre lots on average.  Locations of these homes include homes in Harmony Place, Windsong, Pioneer Ridge, Riverside Harbor, Highland Park and Royal Highlands.

2017 had 20 homes selling in the month of March.  These homes sold for $110 per square foot averaged 68 days on market.  The average lot size is .21 acres.

Homes for Sale Built Pre 2000

Existing Homes sold March 2018 on half acre lots

2018 March had a small decline in homes on over a half acre.  1 home sells this month in Prairie Meadows.  This home was on .47 of an acre sold for $153 per square foot and was on the market for 41 days.

2017 had 4 homes in Prairie Meadows.  The average lot size was .63.  The average price per square foot was $114 and the average days on market was 221 days.

Homes for Sale on Approx 1/2 Acre


Existing Homes Sold on One Acre Lots

2018 Homes on One Acre Lots we had 1 Home sell this month and it was on a 2.9-acre lot.  This home sold for $91 per square foot.  Was in Greenacres Irrigation District.  This home was on the market for 70 days.

2017 had 3 homes on 1 Acre lots sell.  These homes averaged $135 per square foot and the average lot size was 1.16 acres.

Homes for sale on 1-2 Acre Lots

Existing Homes sold on 5 Acre lots

2 Homes sold March 2018 that were on 5 acre lots or close to.  These are pretty far apart in the price you have 1 home on 5.2 acres that was on the market for 74 days and sold for $142 per square foot.

The other home was on 7.2 acres it sold for $154 per square foot and was on the market for quite some time at 144 days.

2017 had 2 homes selling on 5 acre lots.  These homes averaged $101 per square foot.  Average days on market was 25 days and the average lot size was 5.19 acres.

Post Falls Homes on 3 or more Acres

Manufactured homes on Rented Lots in Post Falls Idaho

2018 No Manufactured homes sold this month in Post Falls.

2017 had 1 home sell.  It sold for $26 per square foot.  Was on the market for 226 days.

Manufactured Homes on Leased Lots

Post Falls Condos

2018 volume was down some on Condos this month.  2 Condos selling both in Riverwalk Condos.  They sold for $129 per square foot with average days on market of 45 days.

2017 saw 5 condos sell this March 2018. These homes sold for 117 per square foot.  The average days on market for these was 60 days.

Post Falls Condos for Sale

Post Falls Waterfront Homes

2018 Waterfront Homes Sales are up!  We sold 4 Waterfront Homes this month.  These homes average $248 per square foot this month.  They included homes in Riverside Harbor that front the Spokane River, Greenview, and a Greenview Condo.

2017 had 1 Waterfront property sale this March.  It was a 1978 built home on .37 acres fronting the Spokane River this home sold for 317 dollars per square foot and was on the market for 51 days.

Post Falls Waterfront Homes For Sale

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