Property Disclosures

Seller’s Property Condition Disclosures And How they relate to you when you are buying a home.  You will be requested on the purchase and sale agreement if you have seen the Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure.  The Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure form is about 4 pages long and it tells you what is working, what doesn’t […]

Purchase and Sale Contract: Lead Base Paint Disclosure

Lead and Lead Base Paint  Older Homes & the Silver Valley Concerns If you are buying a home that was built pre-1978, you will be presented with a Lead Base Paint Disclosure. If you’re buying a home in North Idaho and the home is in the Silver Valley (Kellogg area) you’ll also get a Lead […]

Purchase & Sale Contract: Home Inspections

The Inspection Part 4 of the Idaho Real Homes LLC Real Estate Contract Series Is there going to be a Home Inspection? Before the offer is written you need to decide if you are going to have a home inspection done on the property. There are also other types of inspections: well, septic, survey, environmental, […]

Purchase & Sale Contract: What is included?

Idaho Real Homes Contract Series Part 3 What Stays with the home? What are you buying?  What stays and what goes?  You probably are walking through a house that is being lived in.  And it’s always a little confusing about what is staying with the house and what is leaving with the sellers.  Or sellers, […]