Property Disclosures

Seller’s Property Condition Disclosures And How they relate to you when you are buying a home.  You will be requested on the purchase and sale agreement if you have seen the Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure.  The Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure form is about 4 pages long and it tells you what is working, what doesn’t […]

Purchase and Sale Contract: Lead Base Paint Disclosure

Lead and Lead Base Paint  Older Homes & the Silver Valley Concerns If you are buying a home that was built pre-1978, you will be presented with a Lead Base Paint Disclosure. If you’re buying a home in North Idaho and the home is in the Silver Valley (Kellogg area) you’ll also get a Lead […]

Purchase & Sale Contract: What is included?

Idaho Real Homes Contract Series Part 3 What Stays with the home? What are you buying?  What stays and what goes?  You probably are walking through a house that is being lived in.  And it’s always a little confusing about what is staying with the house and what is leaving with the sellers.  Or sellers, […]

Purchase and Sale Contract: Financing

Take the confusion out of the financing section of the Idaho contract. Learn what you will be signing prior to actually having to see one in the heat of the moment.