The Life of a Working Dog who rocked my world!

17 Years ago you came into our world.  You showed up only a little bigger than a cat.


You came with a future job description that was bigger than you.  You came to a home with a 5-year-old girl that was absolutely squealing with delight to see you.

And your job was to be her best friend! Protect her!  Play with her!  Become her world!  And in your spare time, you are to be a farm dog!  Help with the livestock, protect your farm, herd your sheep and be nice to the customers!

Little did we know how you would address that job!  Climbing the ladder to slide down the slide with that little girl over and over again!  Playing chase the flashlight, riding in the wagon and making the kids pull you!  Smart Dog!  One thing for sure I never had to worry if that little girl was safe on your watch.  I knew you would stand between her and anything that came your way!

From Livestock gathering.  Remember how you used to always gather up all the momma kitties at the barn and their kittens and make them sleep with you.  Never hurting one of them.  Always having my back with rank horses, keeping the moose off us the day one caught us outside.  Chasing coyotes out of the yard.  Herding baby lambs so gently and carefully.  No animal was ever harmed on your watch!

Herding dog Extraordinaire!

Today as you struggle to carry on with the feeding chores that you have never missed twice a day no matter the weather one can see your giant heart is struggling.  But yet you are coming with me to the end.  Today we will feed extra slow so that you are not left behind.

Only a border collie can do the stare down!

How do you say goodbye to a giant heart that has done everything ever requested or required of it?

I don’t know how to thank you for all the love and the blessings that you have brought to this family.  17 years is a long time for a Border Collie!

Gopher patrol

You are leaving a void that is going to take 5 dogs to fill.  I will forever be grateful to you for the love that you have given us.

Until we meet again!

You have more than earned your angel wings there is no doubt of that!  Thank You, dear Friend, for all that you have given.  You will never be forgotten!

Greatest Border Collie Ever

Pepper the wonder dog!

March 2018 the greatest dog ever was put to rest.

Thank You for your service!

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