Idaho Real Homes LLC

Idaho Real Homes consists of a few like-minded agents that believe in empowering you with as much information as possible.  Idaho Real Homes was started by our Broker Michele Webler.

Michele started selling Real Estate about 14 years ago for GMAC back when they were active and open in our area.  Michele got the full meal deal of a big company and what they do when they close their doors.  After that exciting experience, she moved to a smaller company which was a branch off of GMAC’s top producers who then Created SKE Real Estate Group.

Big Office versus Small Office

With 8 years at SKE Michele found a love for a small office.  With the ability to grow as desired and truly be encouraged to really learn how to build a business and embrace learning all she could about website building, marketing and more it was with an exited and a  sad heart the day she left SKE.

Time to Spread the Wings

With 8 years of working home office and the growth of an active business the time to spread the wings happened.  She has loved all of her assistants but very much ready to not have them in her basement.  So with space to have an office and a giant dream Here we are!

The Model of Our Business

Idaho Real Homes wants you to know that we are totally committed to having good communication with you our clients.  Our mode of business it to represent you to the best of our ability.  Give you as much information as possible so that you can make the most informed decisions for you and your family.

What Makes Us Different

You want to know what makes us different it’s the constant embracing of technology.  Be it video, marketing, website building and more.

The only service we don’t offer that the big box companies provide is that we are not going to walk 100 non-interested agents thru your home.  If you ever watch them you will see they rarely look up from there phone or half of them will sit in their car.

Our Promise to You

We will strive to have your home in front of more potential buyers than any other company out there.  We have the website tools to target your prospective buyers and we have the analytical tools that would maybe shock you.  We offer communication guarantees on our listings and have a variety of service products for our investor clients.  From the First time home buyer or seller to the seasoned Investor we are a full-service company!

To learn about our Team Members Check them out here.