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When you are looking to sell your home most sellers priority is how much will I sell my home for and what is it going to cost me. Essentially how much money will I have when I am finished with this transaction.  We at Idaho Real Homes pride ourselves on empowering you our sellers with as much information as we can get to you.

Some of the tools we give to you are:


  1.  Monthly Market Reports  We do these monthly to give you an average price per sqft and average days on market. Included are  Cda, Hayden, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Athol, and Spirit Lake.
  2.   Community Pages:  We break down the communities by the style of home and more to help you with an actual value for your home.  Idaho is a non-disclosure state so all of the automated programs like Zillow are not actually connected to anything that gives true data.  Doesn’t mean that they don’t come close at times but they are truly guessing.

With these 2 tools here you should usually be able to get in the ballpark of a value for your home.  When you are ready to actually get truly specific request your Home Valuation Here. 

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Brand New House in Post Falls


What is it going to cost you to sell your home?


I am speaking in Generalities here:  As Commissions are negotiable and every situation is a little different.  But my general rule of thumb is for an Idaho Sale if you plan on commissions, closing costs and other misc fees or expenses ( not including a transaction where you are asked to pay for buyers closing costs) I would use 8% as a good general number.  So that number times the sales price should be a broad stroke of what it will cost to sell your home.  I usually consider that an overestimate but would rather err on the side of estimating too high than to low.  

If you are a Washington seller change that number to 10% and we should be in the general area.  Remember you have a 1.875% excise tax to pay on the gross sale of your home.


Other Miscellaneous fees that I have included in your above number but could have a slight effect on your net.  Idaho pays there taxes in arrears meaning, for example, this is November 2018 when I am updating this information.  Our tax bill for 2018 is just coming out with our first payment due on  December 20th, 2018.  When that payment is made it is the payment for the 1st half of 2018.  The 2nd half of 2018 bill is due June 20, 2019.  So depending on when you are selling your home and whether you made the full tax payment in December or just a half that could have an effect of what it will cost to sell your home.  As you will pay your tax bill that is due all the way up to closing on your home.  They will estimate your 2019 taxes and that will be the fee for them up to closing.

You will sign a form with the title company that says if the taxes for 2019 are higher than what they estimated that the buyer of your property could ask you to pay the difference to the correct amount.  

Contact us for more information

Seller Paid Buyer Closing Costs

When those are asked for in a transaction they usually run 2-3 % of the sales price.  As everything they are negotiable.  But if you are sitting here going thru this figuring worst-case scenario count these at 3% and you won’t go wrong.

Lender Fees

Depending on what type of loan you have you could have some unexpected fees.  My 8% number covers most of the usual situations so unless you have a pre-payment penalty in your current loan you should be fairly covered with that number.  Some things to keep in mind as sometimes dates get switched around is say for instance you have an FHA loan on your home and you are paying PMI insurance in your payment.  You pay that months payment on the 1st of the month every month so say for instance your home was supposed to close on October 31 but got moved to November 5th whatever your PMI insurance is for the month will be charged for the whole month they will not pro-rate it to the 5th of November.


All Utilities are usually prorated to the day of closing.  And that includes for instance if you have a propane tank.  If you just filled the propane tank you can expect a credit for what is left behind.

contact us if you have questions.

Our Educational Information For You

We want you to be empowered with what to do to get your home ready to sell and to have a thorough understanding of the process.

I personally am not much for surprises especially when it comes to money and I truly believe the more you can understand about the process, what to expect and learn from other peoples mistakes the easier it is going to be for you.

I am finding one of my second loves is blogging and I hope that you find some helpful tidbits in some of our articles.

Selling my Home Category  This is a link to all of our Seller articles from staging to what to expect during different phases of the selling process.

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And there is more from staging to home improvements and home maintenance.  


Our Marketing Plan for Your Home

This is what makes us different from the Rest!

Marketing is Important and if I told you 15 years ago I knew nothing about websites, facebook etc I know that would be pretty hard to believe.  But most agents don’t know about websites etc.  They have a canned site to use that never allows them to put anything personal on it or track and measure their progress etc.  So 15 years ago when I came into this industry I knew nothing about how to actually manage my own marketing and have control of my SEO ratings etc. I could throw your house on one of the canned sites and create it a little bit of advertising and never be able to tell you who is looking at it or why.

You may ask why that is important or what does that have to do with Real Estate?


We all know that we have a lot of people moving to North Idaho right now.  Census Bureau can always tell us where they are coming from but I can tell you where they are coming from for certain type of properties.  We have some pretty intense analytics we can share with you during the process of exactly where your buyers are coming from.  And it allows us to direct market your specific home into areas that would have the most interest in it.

Another thing we learn from our analytics is what is the most important feature of the home or what information is the most desired.  With hot spots showing up in our analytics on our pages we learn quickly what is important to potential buyers around your property.  A good example of that is:  say they hit the google map and are looking at the schools.  Maybe we need to emphasize that more in our marketing.  So rather than running in the dark, we can make quick changes.

  As the market adjusts that is going to be extremely important!


Every home is different and will have our basic marketing plan tweaked for it specifically.  

 Internet Advertising – Since the lion’s share of home buyers starts their search on the internet, top placement on search engines is essential. I am a huge believer in online advertising.

Presentation of your property is extremely important.  Each one of our listings has a personal page that we use to direct market them with.  It will acquire its own analytics and we will be able to tell you exactly how much traffic it is getting.  As part of our IDX feed onto our website, it syndicates out to over 60 other sites.  I also pay to be a Showcase agent on ( that way the inquiries that come in on your house come to me, not an agent who isn’t going to answer there phone).  I also pay to be a member of Zillow so your home will be featured there.  We also do Google adds, Facebook adds, Redirect adds and much more! Can’t give out all of our marketing secrets!


One of our Internet Marketing Secret arsenals is great photos and Video.  We have a Secret Agent at Idaho Real Homes.  His name is Henry and he is a crazy millennial that is obsessed with photography and video.  We are extremely proud of the videos that he is putting out for us.  His special touches are keeping our marketing uniquely ours.  You will see a lot of his pictures on our community pages.

Communication commitment

Everyone always wants to know what is happening with there marketing and how their home is doing.

  We promise to communicate with you every Wednesday.  You will receive an update on traffic, feedback on your showings and some time to discuss anything that is working and not working.  If we don’t communicate with you every Wednesday you can fire us on Thursday.  No Questions Asked!  We are committed to providing you Good Service!

We are Large Enough to Serve!  Small Enough to Care! And we are willing to go the extra mile for YOU!


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