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Hayden Homes for sale in Hayden Lake Idaho

Welcome to Idaho Real Homes LLC.  Please enjoy your exploration of Hayden and Hayden Lake Idaho here! 

On this page you will find all the Hayden Homes for sale.  Scroll down for 50 ways to search for Hayden Homes for sale.    Links to some specialty searches/ school searches and our Monthly market reports where we break down the home sales in Hayden every month.  And a little info about the area and some things to do.  

We also serve the surrounding area including Coeur d’ Alene, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Spirit Lake, Athol and Bonner County ( Sandpoint area).

Hayden Homes for Sale
Lots of Deer in Hayden Lake Idaho

Hayden Homes for sale by Special Community

Search for Hayden Real Estate here in our Community Pages.  Many include home sale results including – average sales price, days on market, CC and R’s maps and more.  Each page has the Hayden Homes for Sale for that community if you know you want to be in a specific community be sure to book mark it and come back often.  Pages are updated quarterly.

Hayden Idaho Monthly Market Updates

Monthly market reports break down the homes by age and lot size.  Also includes the days on market, % of list price sold and many years of data.  If you need a specific neighborhood or specific home.  The neighborhood updates are included on the special searches above and you can always Contact us for a specific home that you need a value for.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact Us Here!

Hayden Idaho Real Estate Market
Hayden Real estate for sale

History Of Hayden Lake

The city of Hayden and Hayden Lake both border the Western shores of Hayden Lake about 4,000 acres in size and 40 miles of shoreline. They are both located in Kootenai County, Idaho, United States. They are situated in the northern part of the state and are both suburbs of nearby Coeur d’Alene.

Coeur d’Alene Indians fished in the lake until an explorer by the name De Smet arrived in 1846, later easterners began to come and settle in the place. In 1870’s a man named Mat Hayden who was a veteran and a teamster made a piece of land his home. He was to name the lake Hayden’s lake in 1883 later after he won a poker game with his friends. Almost at the turn of the century logging operations increased along the lake and later settlements, recreation facilities and towns sprung out.

Hayden Idaho Weather

Hayden has 4 destinct seasons. The  high temperature of 82 degrees in July and a low of 24 degrees in January. While the USA average for rainfall and snowfall is 39 and 26 inches respectively, Hayden Lake receives 23 and 36 inches respectively. The place has 174 sunny days annually and 75 days with measurable precipitation. Hayden city, on the other hand, receives 24 inches of rain and 35 inches of snowfall. It has 172 days of sunny days and 75 days with measurable precipitation.

Cost of Living in Hayden Idaho

The average cost of living in the USA averages 100 points on the living index, and any amount below that would mean the places are cheaper to live in than the average. Hayden Lakes index is 94.1 as of March 2019 according to city data.  This means that it’s a bit less expensive than the average USA rate.   However, the economic situation is impressive with a growth rate of 2.66% and an average salary of $62,268, and an average home cost of $361,548.  The areas are estimated to have a 41.22% growth rate in the next ten years.

Health Facilities Available to Hayden Id

When it comes to health, both places have an average of 231 physicians per 100,000 people in Hayden, Idaho while the US average is 210. Measurements from EPA estimate air quality in Hayden at 43 on a scale of 0-100 and Hayden Lake’s is 65. Water quality in both places is 48. This has lowered the risk of diseases like respiratory diseases and cancers.

Hayden Idaho Educational Facilities

Hayden Idaho schools spend an average of $7,087 per student, 24 pupils per teacher, 1,061 students per librarian, and 509 children per counselor. Hayden Lake, on the other hand, spends $7,087 per student, 24 pupils per teacher, 1,061 students per librarian, and 508 children per counselor. The schools include private and public schools all with impressive academic performance and with good ratings countrywide.

Here are the public schools available to Hayden residents. If you’re curious about what high school your kid will go to in Hayden, a good rule of thumb is if you live on the east side of Hayden that would be CDA High School and if you’re on the west side of Hayden that would be Lake City High School. Be sure to double-check with the Coeur d’Alene School District first. 

If you have a specific school you want your kids to go to all of our community pages have a link to the schools in that zone.  

City of Hayden Lake
Hayden is a clean town with wonderful communities

What People Say about Hayden Idaho

One of the most common comments people make about this community when I am showing homes to out-of-town buyers is first how clean our communities are.  We don’t have trash on our streets.  Just a tidbit for you we have free access to the garbage refuse facilities.  Maybe I shouldn’t call it free as you do pay about $85 a year on your taxes if you are a homeowner.  But a small price to pay for a wonderfully clean community.  And we do have local businesses and or organizations that take ownership of certain strips of highway and pick up any trash that is on the side of the road.

The next thing I hear is how kind and polite the people of the area are.  Maybe it’s just an old-fashioned way of life or a lot of common decency.  I don’t really have a term for it but kindness is overall a way of life in this area.

And yes the third is you guys have a lot of lakes!  Yes, We Do!

We also don’t have all of the water issues that some of the other areas of our country are fighting right now.  And that is usually a great topic for discussion also.