Wells and how to evaluate your needs for water

How Many Gallons of Water Per Minute do I need? Wells are a common part of life if you’re going to live in Rural North Idaho.  Especially if you’re going to own land.  Yes, there are some areas with community water systems that share a well and if you’re in town you will be on […]

Perc Testing on North Idaho Land

Perc Testing? I got asked the other day.  I’m looking at this vacant land listing and what does it mean its been perk tested?  A perc test (also spelled perk – both are correct) is short for percolation test. It is a test which measures the absorption rate of the soil where a proposed septic […]

North Idaho Water-Wells

North Idaho Water North Idaho Land comes in a variety of shapes, and sizes.  An assortment of topography, an assortment of trees and other outstanding features.  But beneath it all you still need water.  The source of life.  So where does the water come from in North Idaho and Eastern Washington? One Great big giant […]