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spirit lake homes for sale

Homes for Sale Spirit Lake Idaho

Welcome to the Idaho Real Homes community page for Spirit Lake, Idaho!

Here we have live links to Spirit Lake, Idaho real estate; and information about this town’s history, demographics, weather, & more. 

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Spirit Lake Id Homes for Sale

Spirit Lake is a city in the United States found in Kootenai County, Idaho. Population density is running about 87 people per square mile.  A great place to enjoy the benefits of a small-town community!

Spirit Lake History

houses for sale spirit lake idaho

There is a legend behind the place that claims the lake was initially called ‘clear water.’ It is a romantic story by the Kootenai Indians. It is a romantic story that led to them naming the lake ‘Tesemini’ which meant Lake of Spirits. The legend is as follows:

Hyas-Tyee-Skookum-Tum-Tum (Good Chieftains) of the Kootenai Tribe had a lovely daughter, Hya-Pam (Fearless Running Water) who loved a Kootenay Brave, Hasht-Eel-Ame-Hoom (Shining Eagle). Hostile tribes lived east of here, governed by an ancient chief, Pu-Pu-Mox-Mox (Yellow Serpent). He threatened war on the Kootenays if he was not allowed to wed Hya-Pam. To avert war, Hya-Pam’s father consented to the marriage.

The Indian Maid and her Brave were dismayed and vowed their eternal love. Binding themselves together with the ‘marriage chain of rushes’ they leaped into the lake from Suicide Cliff. As the lovers were never found, folklore tells us that on a moonlit night, when the wind is still, you may see their shadowy silhouettes as they drift across the lake in a phantom canoe. As the lake ice floes melt and grind together in springtime, weird, mournful and haunting sounds are heard, are these the cries of the Indian lovers as they seek release from the Lake of the Spirits?



 However, the town emerged as a logging town in 1907.  For your tidbit of history:  the first building in town is the one Sondahl Pottery occupies.


Spirit Lake

Spirit Lake Idaho Real Estate

Spirit Lake is one of our treasures!  Spirit Lake is reputed to be one of only 2 lakes in the world with a sealed bottom.  The lake measures 4 and 1/2 miles long and over 1 mile across at its widest point.  With 12 miles of Shoreline, it is the highest (above sea level) of all of the small lakes in the Inland Empire area with an elevation of 2,400 feet.  It is claimed to be over 100 feet deep in spots.  You won’t find a lot of properties on this lake.  It is a beautiful quiet lake to enjoy.


Things to do in Spirit Lake Idaho

spirit lake homes for sale

To check out the Social activities in Spirit lake you are going to want to keep an eye on the Parks and Recreation Page there is a good batch of community events or you can subscribe to their Facebook page here.


Spirit Lake library also has some good activities going on for the kids you can follow them Here.  The community comes out in force every summer for the lawn mower races!  Be sure to watch for that on Father’s Day.  To see some of the events that the Chamber supports you can check them out here!     From the bike rides, and Farmers Market to the free summer concerts you will find this town to have all of the amenities with a very quiet laid back personality where everyone is your friend.

Spirit Lake Weather

The area receives around 30 inches of rain annually while the average is 39 in the USA and 50 inches of snow. There are 68 days of measurable precipitate and 171 sunny days in a year. This place has four distinct seasons. The summers are short, warm, dry, and mostly clear and the winters are freezing and overcast. The temperature varies from 22°F to 85°F over the course of the year and maintains between 6°F and 94°F.

Spirit Lake Cost of Living

Most of the people who live in the area work in the surrounding area.  Be it Spokane or Coeur d Alene.  There is some retail industry in Spirit Lake along with Government services.  Idaho ranks as one of the best places to live with an overall cost of living index score of 95.

Spirit Lake Schools

Spirit Lake Idaho Real EstateSpirit Lakes schools are in the Lakeland School District!   The Spirit Lake Elementary school, Timberlake junior high school, Timberlake senior high school. Spirit lake schools spend an average of $6,915 per student, have 19 pupils per teacher, 541 children per counselor, and 458 students per librarian.  And if you want to know when the next football game is here is the link to the team schedules. 

Security and Health

Spirit Lake has a police department, and the general crime rate on a scale of 1 to 100 is 18. This low crime rate makes the area a haven to live. The health index of the area is also impressive. On a scale of 0-100, the air quality is 79, and the water quality is 48. There are also 231 physicians per 100,000 population in the area while the US average is 210.

Spirit Lake Growth

Spirit Lake has been feeling some serious growth over the last couple of years.  Enough growth that right now it has outgrown its city sewer system.  You will want to check with the planning and zoning if you are wanting to build in the near future as there is a moratorium on building permits right at this time.    Hopefully, they get that solved soon.