April’s Monthly Home Owners Checklist

House Logic gives us some great ideas for Aprils Monthly Home Owners Checklist

It is finally starting to feel like spring!  We had our first 70-degree day today.   This has been a long winter!  Or at least it feels that way.

Tackling five simple tasks now gives you a head start on spring.

That leaves you plenty of worry-free time to enjoy the warmer weather as I am seeing some boats on the lakes.  Summer fun is just right around the corner.

#1 Tell Insects to Bug Off

Illustration of a hornet


Early spring warmth awakens insects, so start to protect your home now. Seal openings in eaves, decks, and other structures to keep out carpenter ants and bees.

Nix mosquitoes by eliminating standing water or treating it with larvicide. Call a pro to destroy wasp and yellow jacket nests, unless you’re experienced enough to engage in a bee battle.  There are several companies in our area that spray for all of the local bugs.  I usually sign up for there annual service and they come out about 3 times a year and spray for all bugs on and around the house.  Has made a huge difference in my home.  And the expense is pretty reasonable for someone that I know can’t stay on a schedule and do it themselves.  Contact me if you need a referral or want to use my guy:)



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