Horse Facility Sellers what constitutes Horse Facilites or horse property

What Constitutes Horse Facilities or property?

Trigger needs shelter when he arrives at his new home

As I sort through the MLS today looking for “horse properties”  I’m always a little shocked and dismayed over what shows up.  Now don’t get me wrong I understand bare land can become anything you want it to be.    Always makes me think of the pretty woman movie.  What is your name?  Whatever you want it to be!  But today it’s not horse facility.

I think that people who shop for “horse facilities” have a few basic expectations.

Someplace to put Trigger when he arrives at the property.  That would at least be some safe fencing, corral, paddock, pasture etc.  Most horse people do not consider barbed wire safe fencing just fyi.  Safe fencing should be standing no open holes where there’s just a little bit of the fence missing.  (Sorry I have to say this because I have seen it)  Nothing like walking fence lines with a buyer because once one hole is found you have to check for more.  And a gate!  Horses like to stick heads, legs etc. into any opening they find so if one of those body parts fits in the hole it’s probably not safe.

A horse is happy to stick their legs in places they don’t belong

A shelter would be good.  That would definitely escalate the property to a higher standard.  3 sided and built solid enough that it’s not going to tip over when trigger bumps it with his 1100 lb butt would at least be a good start.  Tarp shelters don’t count.  I hate to tell you what it’s going to look like after Trigger runs through it on his first day at a new home while he is all excited.

And then we step up into the what I consider “true” horse properties.  Ones with an arena be it outside or inside, stalls, separate paddocks, nice safe fencing, wash rack, covered hay storage, tack room, and the list goes on.  Those are all amazing selling points to your property when your marketing to horse people it is very important that those are listed in your comment section for your home.    Most horse people care more about that then the house.  Not to say that your great floors aren’t important but if I have 13 horses my first question is going to be where do my horses live.  You can probably get those great floors into a picture instead.

And then most important.  Let’s see some pictures of them.  I’m not doubting the house that is important also but for horse people, it’s all about where trigger is going to live.  What do the stalls look like?  Are they safe?  What does the fencing look like.  

The grounds are they safe, and where can I ride. Am I going to have to cross 3 busy roads and get hit by a bus to get to the trail or is it safely out the back gate?   Those are all huge questions to the equine facility buyer.  And major selling points if you have great answers to those questions!

If you have a great horse facility to sell leave it to a true horseman.  I have lived and breathed the horse industry for 40+ years.  I not only talk the talk but I can walk it also.  Great internet presence and the proper lingo gets your horse property in front of people who are most interested in it.  Call today for your free no Obligation CMA and see how nice it is to work with someone who understands and respects what you have to offer for sale.  

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