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Last updated on March 14th, 2023 at 07:53 pm

How to Start Shopping for a Home!

So you have done your homework.  You are Pre-qualified for your new home you know the price range that you need to be in and you and your family have decided roughly what it is that you want in a home to buy.  And I say roughly because you don’t always end up with what you think you’re going to end up with.  

Once you start walking through some houses you are going to change your mind a little.  You’re going to find things you like and  you are going to see something that you thought you would have liked that you really don’t.  And that’s okay!  That is part of the process.

You’re receiving property updates regularly and seeing some you’re interested in.    I’m going to suggest that you take a little time and do a few drive-bys and check out the neighborhoods (make sure you are comfortable with them) and look for the schools, shopping etc., whatever is important to you.

 As you do your drive-bys you are going to see some of them that you look around and say “No way am I living here”  and that’s fine.  That is how we start sorting them out.

I’m going to also suggest that you don’t always sort them out by the pictures.

 Unfortunately in this industry pictures can sometimes be deceiving.  Now if it is horrible that’s fine but I would suggest starting first with the neighborhoods.  Remember in Real Estate it’s all about Location, Location, Location!  And unfortunately, we all do sometimes see some fabulous houses in areas that a prudent wanting to be safe person would never be.  

Choosing the Homes you Want to view!

Once you have them sorted its time to start scheduling some time to go view them.  This is when it starts to get fun.  You want to block a few hours of distraction-free time out at a time.  

I am going to suggest that you keep your numbers down to about 5 or 6 homes to view in a day.  You get too many and they start to run together in your mind.

 And bring a notebook.   A flashlight and a tape measure are also good tools to have with you if you have specific size furniture you want to put in the home.

How to Dress

You will want to plan on wearing shoes that come off easily as some homes won’t want shoes on their floors.

And very rarely do they leave something out for you to sit on so be comfortable if you have to take them on and off. 

Items in a Home

When your viewing the home all personal items of the seller are of course off  limits But:

These items are not!  You can always open kitchen cupboards, closets, pantry’s, garage doors etc.  Anything that is part of the home that will be staying.     Sometimes those are a little hard to view if they are full so bring your imagination.

Another thing you want to pay attention to is what is included in the house.  What the seller plans on leaving.   

Most homes are required to leave the range, the oven hood, dishwasher, attached window treatments, light fixtures,  Anything that is basically attached to the house.  But we always want to check that out and make sure we are aware of what they are planning on leaving. 

Of course, it is all negotiable but at least it is a starting point.

Now on some listings, they will have the excluded items list and you want to pay attention to that.

 It may include things like the refrigerator, washer, and dryer, the storage shed out back.  Sometimes it is the beautiful antique chandelier that is hanging in the entry.  It could be anything.  So always something to make a note of. 

If its something that is important to you as I said above it is all negotiable.  Grandmas chandelier may not be but you never know until you ask.

The well-prepped seller would have made sure that the chandelier was already pulled down and what they were leaving was already up.   That is the best case scenario but it doesn’t always happen that way. 

Just so you know pretaining to something like the chandelier: They can’t take it and leave you a hole in the ceiling.   So quite often there will be an allowance for another fixture or it will be left on a note this is what your getting. 

Once you have selected the perfect home its time to Make that Offer!  Be sure to read our Contract Series Starting with Agency Knowing who is working for you!

I hope this helped give you an idea of how the selection process works for that great home that you want to buy.  Questions and comments don’t be shy.  I am here to help just contact me.

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