Loch Haven Hills Hayden Idaho 83835

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Loch Haven Hills Hayden Idaho 83835

With gorgeous views, a multitude of different housing options from single family ranchers, large multi-level homes and condos there is something for everyone in Loch Haven Hills.  There are approximately 244 homes in Loch Haven priced from the mid to upper $300k price range to approx $500k.  You can plan on having deer in your yard.  Close to all amenities including Hwy 95 with easy access to I-90.

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HOA Contact

PO Box 2137
Hayden, ID 83835
(208) 771-5776 (phone)
County: Kootenai


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Loch Haven CC and R’s and Plat Maps

Your going to want to be aware of the legal description of whichever property you are looking up as there is a variety of different CC and R’s.  If you are ever not certain Contact us and we can figure it out for you.

CC and R’s Here  

Map of Lach Haven Hills Community

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Map of Loch Haven Hills

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Loch Haven Housing Market Report

Quarterly updates on the housing market for Loch Haven Hills.  Remember Idaho is a non-disclosure state so I have to give you numbers in sqft ranges and approximate ranges so I am not violating the non-disclosure status.  If you see a home in Loch Haven you are interested in or you have one to sell please contact me and I can give you exact numbers.  Otherwise, a good rule of thumb is to try to find a similar style and multiply my price per sqft to the square footage of the home in question and you should at least have a good starting point.

2018 4th Quarter Results

3 homes sold in Loch Haven Hills

One Daylight Rancher sold for an average price $198 per sqft of with the average days on market being 72 days.  The home was a 3/3/2 built in 1980

Mult Story homes.

We had 2 homes selling for an average price per sqft of $200 with an average days on market of 41 days.  The homes were 3/2.5 with a 2 car garage.

2018 3rd Quarter Results

3rd Quarter had 4 home sales.  2 Condos and 2 existing homes.  The 2 existing homes sold for an average price per sqft of $165. Days on market averaged out to 48 days.

These 2 homes had a broad range on price with your high seller coming in at $180 per sqft.  It was a 1984 build that was a 3/2 with a 2 car garage.  The low seller this quarter went for $153 per sqft.  It was a 3/2.5 with a 3 car garage.  1991 build. Both homes were Ranchers.

The 2 condos had a pretty good spread this quarter as well. 

With the high sell coming from Loch Haven Village at $157 per sq ft.  It was a 2/2 with a 2 car detached garage.

The other condo was a Loch Haven Hills 1981 build that sold for $109 per sqft approx.  It was a 3/2.5 with a 1 car attached garage.

The days on market for these 2 came in at 55 days on average. 

2018 2nd Quarter Results

2nd Quarter of Loch Haven had 3 existing home sales.  The homes sold for an average price per sqft of $131 with an average of 77 days on market.

You had a fairly broad range of prices in here this quarter with your high seller a Multi-Level home coming in at $156 per sqft and you low seller a Daylight basement rancher coming in at $112 per sqft.  High seller was a 1984 build and the low seller was a 1990 build.

2018 1st Quarter Results

1st quarter sales had 5 homes sell 3 condos and 2 existing homes.

The 3 condos sold for an average price per sqft of $133 with an average of 104 days on market.

Not a huge range of price in these 3 with the high seller selling for $138 per sqft and the low seller going for $128 per sqft.

The 2 homes are a different story.  We had a 2002 build that was a Rancher with a bonus room selling for an average price per sqft of $160 27 days on market. 

And a large multi-story home that was a 1993 build that sold for an average price per sqft of $119 with 209 days on market.

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George Andrel park is right in the middle of Loch Haven Hills!

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