Kootenai County New Construction Homes

Kootenai County New Construction Homes

As the market speeds on and your stuck trying to win a home in this multiple offer environment.  Sometimes the best answer is to just buy a new home.  Your somewhat in control of knowing when you’re going to close it and you know once your offer is accepted that you will have an acceptable home.    And other than the wait frustration should be at a minimum.

New Construction Home values are rising roughly $1 to $2 per square foot every month.

With build times out to 8 months, you have to figure the numbers that I am giving you today for homes that sold this month that I am off about $10-$15 per square foot of what you will have to pay right now.   So waiting to see if you can catch something that is already built is a gamble and every month you try you have to figure that new home is costing you more.


New Construction Home Values

New Construction Homes prices are going up every month

Buying a new home is fairly straightforward.  As long as you take an existing neighborhood.  You will need a pre-approval letter saying your financing is in order but you will not have a mortgage until your home is built and ready to move in.  Even at that point, it will be roughly 45 days before your first house payment is due.    You may need some down payment for a few of the builders and definitely if you are requiring upgrades.  You will pick your floor plan and your lot, colors you want your carpet, counters, and cabinets.  And then you’re going to sit back, take pictures and watch your new house grow.

Of course, there are a few additional details but that is what I am there for to guide you thru those moments.

Thinking New Construction may be an option for you?

Contact Me and we will get started exploring that option.

Here are some of the areas that are available right now.

This search includes Homes to be built, Homes that are currently being built and new homes that are done that are not sold.



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