Kootenai County Market Reports


January 2018

Coeur d Alene Idaho

Coeur d Alene closed 88 homes in January 2018 compared to  79 homes selling last January 2017. Currently, there are 302 homes actively on the market in Coeur d Alene. 144 of these are pending so that leaves approximately 158 homes for sale. Again, that’s about 2 and half months inventory.  Read More

Post Falls  Idaho

Post Falls has started the year with volume up 70 homes closed in January!  2017 January, had  59 homes sold. Volume is up as well as the prices!

Currently, there are 225 homes that are active in Post Falls. 165 of these properties are pending so that leaves about 60 available homes for sale. That’s less than 1 month of inventory. Of all the market in Kootenai County, Post Falls has the least amount of inventory which means there is no better time to sell your home!  Read More

Hayden Idaho

Hayden closed 35 homes in January 2018!  Volume basically holding steady;  34 properties for January 2017.  Volume is up by one.

Currently, Hayden has about 134 listings; 24 are pending and 110 are active. This is approximately 3 months inventory which means in all of the communities that I track Hayden actually has the most inventory right now.  Read More

Rathdrum Idaho

Rathdrum opened the year with 24 homes closed in January 2018! The volume went down by 7 homes comparing it to January 2017 which had 31 properties sold.  Read More

Athol Idaho

Athol closed 6 homes in January 2018 and 8 properties the previous year. The volume is down by 2 for the start of this year.  Prices are about the same in most categories.  Athol currently has about 2 1/2 months worth of available inventory available.  Read More


Spirit Lake Idaho

Spirit Lake closed 11 homes this month! Last year, they only sold 8 properties! The volume is up!

Currently, there are 34 homes listed in Spirit Lake.  6 of these properties are pending. The rest would be equivalent to 2 and half months worth of inventory.  Read More

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