Idaho Horse Property For Sale

North Idaho Horse Property For Sale!

North Idaho offers tremendous fun for the active equestrian and some beautiful horse Facilities.  Many trails, mountains, and forests to explore.  Local horse shows, organized trail rides, backcountry horsemen, you name it we have it.  This is a great place to go ride your horse.   Horse properties here come in a multitude of choices in size, structure and price.  If you have specific needs for horse property contact me and I would be honored to help you find a suitable home for you and your beloved equine friend.

You’re beloved pal

One thing I have learned about “us” horse people.  We all have different ideas of what is a necessity for a horse.  I have to be honest as I was sorting through these properties this morning, I am shocked at how many of them are listed as “horse facility” that don’t have a stitch of fence or shelter.  So if your good with building there is also a lot of options with just land and a house or shop.    Because in my “horse mind” I don’t consider anything horse property if the only thing I can do with my horse when I get there is tying it to a tree.  Of course, when I look at what some call fencing I might want to tie it to the tree anyway.  It will be safer:)

We all have a specific idea of suitable fencing. This is not mine:)

Have some fun looking through these properties.  There are some amazing ones and some very suitable ones for having a country lifestyle.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact me and we will see what we can find.  Quite a few of these have remarkable facilities so if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.

And if you’re in the market to sell your horse property.   Let a farm and ranch specialist handle your equine property.  I know the proper terminology and”speak the language” per sea to help market your horse property quickly and efficiently. the most important part of buying “horse facility” is where will my horse be living.  Most horse people ask that question before they ask about themselves.








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